About me

/* Hi, I'm Isabelle! Born and raised in São Paulo, but currently living in Guaratinguetá, where I'm about to finish my civil engineering degree at UNESP.

One may ask about the connection between civil engineering and codes and here is one of many possible answers:

My college course’s curriculum includes C and Java as required subjects, which made me have my first contact with coding, but in that sense it wouldn't go beyond that, if I didn't love it right from the beginning.

In the process of creating a website for myself and by myself for a personal project, I realized that coding is a passion and a way to solve problems, so I started to study other languages and I applied my new knowledges to other projects. 

From the start my biggest concern was the interaction between the user and interface, so I focused on UI/UX and traveled through the website development for a while. But nowadays I think about the virtual space more like a space to explore. Thereby my desire is to combine my civil engineering degree with my programmer skills to somehow code a different path for me and civil engineering.

So here I am, challenging myself to learn every day.

Github (ps: Just started!)
LinkedIn */

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